Read these terms and conditions carefully before accessing and using our Website or APP, if you are agree to use our services you are bond by the terms and conditions of the company. Please do not use our services on Web and APP, if you do not agree our terms. These terms may change time to time as per the implementation of the latest policies/rules and regulations.

  1. Olab Health provides services to the customers to avail diagnostic services i.e. Pathology and Radiology tests through the Web and APP. Olab Health mobile application is operated by “ Olab Health Services Private Limited”, a company duly incorporated under the provisions of the companies act 2013(here after referred to as “Olab Health”)
  2. The Olab Health APP facilitates online diagnostic services being offered by various third party diagnostic centers(Pathology and Radiology tests). The services are offered to you to facilitate the relation between you and third party service providers through the Olab Health APP by various modes which shall include issue of Discount coupons and Vouchers that can be redeemed for various services offered by third party service providers.
  3. Olab Health Phlebotomist will collect the sample from the patients home and test will be conducted at specific diagnostic center opted by the customer. The report generated by the Labs and diagnostic centers will be sent through online / email / APP downloaded from the system. Olab Health is not responsible for any reports generated by the third party Labs and diagnostic centers.
  4. Any unavailability caused by circumstances beyond the control of Olab Health i.e. Government Acts, flood, fire, earthquakes, terror attacks, strikes, civil unrest, labour problems and failure of internet services.
  5. Olab Health shall have no liability or responsibility and does not guarantee for the correctness or accuracy of the information provided by the Labs and diagnostic centers. Every precaution will be taken care by Olab Health to deliver the reports to the customer within the stipulated time. Sample will be collected from your doorstep by our phlebotomist on the date and time of your choice. Any delay in collection caused due to bad weather, rain and other unforeseen circumstances then the same will be updated through SMS and your email. The generated report will be sent to you without any delay through soft copy from our end immediately.
  6. Olab Health has the right to Add and delete the facility of Labs and diagnostic centers. The password given to you is not transferable to any other person. For the use of Web or APP you must be 18 (eighteen years) of age or older. Rules and Regulations of IT act 2000 is applicable for the terms of use.
  7. The customer agrees to pay the fee applicable to use their tests and all package price. The user has to pay all the Taxes and Statutory payments, Olab Health is not responsible for the Taxes and the services used by the customers. The charges for the test is to be paid by the customer online through the facility provided on the APP. Olab Health is not responsible for any loss or damage caused to user during the process of payments made through third parties. In payment process the details of the user Bank account and credit card details may be required.
  8. For the purpose of the service Olab Health may require the personal information of the patient or customer i.e. Name, Age, Gender, User ID, Email address, Mobile number, Password chosen by the user, Address (Location) and other details. Olab Health is not responsible for authenticity of the personal information supplied by the user. User is responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of the users account and password. If any information provided by the user is incorrect or incomplete Olab Health has the right to suspend and terminate such account.

User does not have any right to:

  1. Misled or deceive messages or communications
  2. Violate any law, invasive of another’s privacy, harassing, gambling which is unlawful.
  3. The functionality of Software viruses, interrupt programs and destroy the computer codes and files.
  4. Security, Integrity and Sovereignty of India.

The customers are prohibited to use Web and App content and using of software, tool agent or other device or mechanism i.e. Roberts, spiders etc. to navigate or search the Web and APP of Olab Health. Copy right is prohibited or duplicating any part of Web and APP.

Olab Health shall not be responsible or liable to the users for any loses, damages or expenses incurred by the users. The listing of diagnostic centers on APP is based on numerous factors, in no event shall entities be liable or responsible for the listing order of the diagnostic centers on APP.

Olab Health reserves the right to suspend or withdraw the whole or part of service at any time without any notice. Olab Health reserves the right to revise and update these terms of use at any time without any notification.